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Helping an established leader advancing higher education

Shaping a new product offering that aligns with the needs of the customer and the goals of the organization.

EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance higher education through the strategic use of technology and data. Their vision for the future is to expand their service offerings, connecting its member community through a unique suite of digital products that starts within their analytics portal and extends throughout the EDUCAUSE ecosystem.

Fine Humans helped EDUCAUSE create a human-centered, peer-to-peer technology and solutions search experience on their existing platform. Extensive customer interviews were conducted to gain a deep understanding of EDUCAUSE customers' needs and workflows. This research informed the design of a more engaging and helpful user experience, integrating EDUCAUSE's existing analytics tools with new, market-centric landing pages and interactive features.

The EDUCAUSE ecosystem was mapped to identify effective integration points, and collaboration with EDUCAUSE's internal team helped define and seamlessly integrate new features. Medium-fidelity wireframes and prototypes were developed to gather feedback and ensure alignment with EDUCAUSE's brand and goals. Additionally, during our process, we identified business opportunities around the platform to enhance EDUCAUSE's offerings and growth.

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